#17 Drug Free Mindset Rehab Interview with Ken Durham of Modesto

Drug Free Mindset Show

Today we are excited to have Ken Durham from Modesto as our guest

When was the first time you experienced drinking or drugs?

At 11 first smoked weed, at 15 Heavy weed smoking, and age 16 smoking crank

What became your drug of choice?

Crystal Meth

What or who influenced you to start doing drugs?


What was some of the things you were doing while you using?

Hanging out with wrong crowd of people

What was the worst thing you did?

Not being there for his kids, plotting to rob his family member

Did you ever steal from your family or others to support your habit? Did you do anything illegal?

No, always had it from his family or work

What was the worst point or the turning point in your life, that you knew you needed help, and then you began to seek help? What happened? What was like emotion like?

When his mother told him that he wasn’t going to be able to see his daughter for Christmas if he didn’t go to home. It was a Holy Ghost set up.

Now that you’ve recovered, what word of encouragement would you like to give someone who is struggling with addiction?

That he has been Delivered and you can be also if God can change him he can do the same for you.

Do you believe God can restore their life? How about with their family and loved ones?

Yes, God restored him with his daughter’s. He is not the outcast in his family anymore 

Once someone is out of a recovery, what steps do you believe that someone will always need to do, to stay clean?

Get involved with ministry and lock arms with your pastors.

I would like to thank you for taking the time, to give us this interview. I’m sure, the people who listen to it, will be inspired and you have given them a bit of encouragement. Thank you.

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