#19 Drug Free Mindset Rehab Interview with Chaplin Edward Lopez of Sacramento


Drug Free Mindset Rehab Interview


Today we are excited to have Chaplin Edward Lopez

of Sacramento as our guest.

When was the first time you experienced drinking or drugs?

In High School and about 15/16 smoking pot, but alcohol at 8 years.

What became your drug of choice?


What or who influenced you to start doing drugs?

A friend of his in high school smoked pot. Dad influenced him to drink. He said the beginning of the worst part of his life was the day of his first wedding her family were heroin addicts and they even stole the wedding money for their honeymoon. And about no more than two years later he was hooked and after one year after he lost his wife.

What was the price of you using drugs?

He lost his job, then his wife.

 Did the addiction cost you everything?

Yes, he was a closet user

What was the worst point or the turning point in your life, that you knew you needed help, and then you began to seek help? What happened? What was like emotion like?

The day he seen another man being a father and when he came home, it was too late, his wife and kids were already gone. That day was the end of his marriage but the beginning of a clean life. Now after ten years of living a clean life he started dipping and dabbing again. But in 2007 he just let it all go got in a big fight and caught a case. No one wanted to deal with me anymore. He prayed and God told him that the number eight will come to him. He surrendered to God thinking he was going to serve eight years in prison. The D.A. came back and said he would only have to serve eight months in jail.

Now that you’ve recovered, what word of encouragement would you like to give someone who is struggling with addiction?

Wait on the Lord and take one day at a time.

Why do you believe that? Have you experienced these temptations? In what ways have you experienced these temptations?

There will always be that temptations her on earth this is the enemy’s play grown. But if you put on your full armor of God everyday he will be with you always to fight the enemy off.

Once someone is out of a recovery what steps do you believe that someone will always need to do, to stay clean?

Read your word, pick someone that is stronger then you to help you out and who will tell you when you are doing good and when you are doing badly.

I would like to thank you for taking the time, to give us this interview. I’m sure, the people who listen to it, will be inspired and you have given them a bit of encouragement.

Thank you from the Drug Free Mind Set Team.


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