#36 Drug Free Mindset Show with Alfred Montalvo of Modesto

Today we are excited to have Brother Alfred Montalvo from  Modesto as our guest today.

He came to Modesto in 1985 to help pioneer a church and has been involved with at high risk youth at the Stanislaus Juvenile Hall for the past 20 years. He does the chapel services on Sunday, Bible studies, and one on ones. He likes to focus on the max unit.

When was the first time you experienced drinking or drugs?

He was in the sixth grade as he walked to school with his friends. His friends would have access to alcohol and cigarettes out of their houses and they did it out of curiosity. His uncle was also an influence with doing marijuana because of his uncle’s experience in prison and his life style. His neighbor asked him who sold drugs asked him if he want to do cocaine. He ended up chasing that high. 

Did the drugs ever make you paranoid or cause you to hallucinate?

He does remember doing lines of cocaine and he became so paranoid that he thought his heart was going to blow up. Also there was a time that a car back fired and he was paranoid that he would bleed to death before he knew if he got shot. He stopped at his uncle’s house and stripped in the bathroom to check if he had gotten shot.

What was the price of you using drugs? With your friends, your family, other relationships, did you lose your job?

He lost the trust of his parents and sister when he and his brother were around them. His family didn’t know whether they were there for money or if they were going to steal from them.

What was the most dramatic thing that happened to you?

He lost his job because he kept on calling in sick because he was on a drug binge. This is when he realized his life had no purpose. At this same time he had a relative that was in the men’s home and he would take him to church. He saw that he had changed and he wanted that same change. He went to the Drama “Hey Homie” and he could identify with a character who was an alcoholic.

Now that you’ve recovered, what word of encouragement would you like to give someone who is struggling with addiction?

When you accept the love of God, He will begin to restore their lives and make their lives feel meaningful. Just give God a chance he will give you significance. Whether if you are a gang member or a goodie, goodie, we all need God.

I would like to thank you for taking the time, to give us this interview. I’m sure, the people who listen to it, will be inspired and you have given them a bit of encouragement. Thank you.


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