#35 Drug Free Mindset Show with Jamire Fordham of Modesto

Drug Free Mindset Show

Today we are excited to have Jamire from Modesto as our guest

When was the first time you experienced drinking or drugs?

He was 15 when he first tried smoking marijuana

What became your drug of choice?

Crystal Meth

What or who influenced you to start doing drugs?

As a kid his uncle would smoke weed in the garage. As he got older he hung out with others that did it, he was as a gang banger.

What was some of the things you were doing while you using?

He had the finer things of life including cars and women. Always running from the police, selling drugs, running the streets

Did the drugs ever make you Paranoid or did you to hallucinate?

He would hear voices and see people that wasn’t there and he believes if he didn’t stop he would have went crazy.

What was the worst thing you did?

He went in someone’s house and beat them up over ten dollars. The drugs had control of his life.

What was the price of you using drugs? With your friends, your family, other relationships? Did the addiction cost you everything?

Lost his girlfriend and his daughter, he lost everything. He went in and out of jail. He would losing his mom and her illness as an excuse to continue using. He lost the rest of his family because of his addition. He ended up being all alone.

Did you ever steal from your family or others to support your habit? Did you do anything illegal?

Sold drugs

Now that you’ve recovered, what word of encouragement would you like to give someone who is struggling with addiction?

The only way out is Jesus Christ.

Do you believe that outside forces will ever stop trying to tempt someone in recovery?

It will always be there but as long as you stay prayed up you will overcome the temptations

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