#34 Drug Free Mindset Show with Sister Jocelyn of Modesto

Today we are excited to have Sister Jocelyn originally from the Philippines as our guest

When was the first time you experienced drinking or drugs? 

Thirteen years old she tried marijuana then it was not enough.

What became your drug of choice? 


What or who influenced you to start doing drugs? 

Wrong type of people 

Did you ever hallucinate or overdose? 

When she did acid she would see colors but she just stayed calm. 

What was the price of you using drugs?

Yes, she ran away from home. She lost her job she even forged her mom’s signature on a check.

After you realized you couldn’t stop using, what did you tell yourself? 

She didn’t even feel like she had a problem she liked the going to the nightclubs, until one day a lady named Nancy from work invited her to a bible study and she could not cover how she was feeling and God came in.

Did you just continue to get high because you thought there was no hope?

No, God delivered her completely. She asked her friend if she could still go to the night club and she told her, I’ll let you decide that for yourself. She went and she was talking about JESUS and he told her you are in the wrong place.

Now that you’ve recovered, what word of encouragement would you like to give someone who is struggling with addiction?

We can try stopping in our own strengthbut the only permanent solution is Jesus. He heals and he has given her a new life and a hope.

Do you believe God can restore lives?

Yes because her mother will always remember what she did, but her mother thanks God that he has changed her. 

Once someone is out of a recovery what steps do you believe that someone will always need to do, to stay clean? 

Stay in your word, stay close to you church, find a church.

Thank you from the Drug Free Mind Set Team.

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